Resilient Methow is a collaborative effort to support climate action in the Methow Valley to build climate resilience, reduce emissions, and connect our local efforts to action and resources beyond the valley. Our efforts are driven and informed by the Methow Valley Climate Action Plan, generated with broad stakeholder support and community participation!

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Volunteer with a climate action project or sign up for an event! Resilient Methow will be hosting a series of climate related events and workshops over the summer. Stay tuned for more info!

Methow Emissions Study Available Now 

Check out the newly released emissions study. This will help guide efforts to reduce our valley's emissions. Read it here. 



Thursday, April 22

 Followed by a community conversation

In 1968, the Apollo 8 mission to the moon captured the first image of Earth from space. This Earthrise photograph spoke to the responsibility we have in caring for our planet and each other. This Emmy-nominated film by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee tells the story of the experience the astronauts had in witnessing an Earthrise from the moon, and their taking of a photograph that helped inspire the first Earth Day when 20 million people demonstrated and organized on behalf of Earth.

 Join us for this powerful film and some time to reflect as a community in conversation about caring for our home.

You can watch the trailer here.




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HOSTED BY: Resilient Methow &

Community Learning Lab

Huxley College of the Environment


Film generously shared by Emergence Magazine

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Resilient Methow is a collaborative effort led by local organizations, local, state, and federal agencies, and community leaders to build local resiliency in the face of climate change. The current focus of this effort is the creation of a Climate Action Plan for the Methow Watershed (Mazama to Pateros). In the future, this website will showcase cross-cutting climate initiatives, projects, a Community Input Form, and other ways you can get involved

Values that guide this planning process:
  • Human health and safety ‐ for all members of our community, especially those most vulnerable
  • Sustainable livelihoods – the ability to make a living; to be able to afford to work and live here
  • A built environment ‐ that is affordable, sustainable, and reliable
  • Resilient and healthy natural systems – protecting biodiversity and abundance
  • The well‐being of future generations – to whom we are responsible and to whom we must pass on healthy, resilient natural systems
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