Climate Impacts

The Pacific Northwest climate is changing dramatically, and the Methow Watershed is no exception. Here in the Methow, we are already experiencing the following impacts of climate change:

  • An increase in the frequency, severity, and intensity of wildfires events
  • Decreased wintertime snowpack and faster spring melt cycles, with accompanying water shortages during the late summer and fall months
  • An increase in precipitation in the form of rain, especially during late winter and spring, can lead to an increase in flooding and landslides, especially in areas that have recently experienced wildfire events
  • More frequent smoke events due to nearby wildfires

These changes are disproportionately impacting rural, Indigenous, Hispanic, Black, low-income, and other historically underrepresented communities. By planning and acting proactively, the Methow Valley Watershed can create resiliency in the face of our changing climate and ensure future generations’ livelihoods, which are vital to protecting our natural environment and rural character.

Community Climate Action Plan Materials

Below is a presentation by Dr. Amy Snover, Director of UW Climate Impacts Group, given in Twisp at the November 2019 launch of the planning process. 


General Climate Resources