What is the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in the Methow Valley Watershed? (Hint: it's not cow farts or food waste.) A recently commissioned study conducted by environmental consultant Roel Hammerschlag evaluated and quantified the greenhouse gas emissions associated with Methow transportation, land use, home heating/cooling, and waste. The study found that residential transportation makes up more than 65% of the Valley's human-caused emissions.

Understanding where our emissions come from is a crucial first step toward reducing and offsetting our local contribution to climate change. The Climate Task Force is working diligently to identify potential actions to help our community mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions and lower the Valley's carbon footprint. Once Hammerschlag's study has been finalized, it will be made available to the public for review and included in the final Climate Action Plan.

Human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in the Methow Valley Watershed for the year 2019. Source: Roel Hammerschlag