Climate Implementation Team

Resilient Methow Climate Action Plan Implementation Team   

The Resilient Methow Implementation Team is a group of community volunteers working together to support the successful implementation of the Methow Climate Action Plan. As outlined in the plan, various stakeholders (including community volunteers, local governments, non-profits, agencies and regional partners) will adopt Climate Action Projects. The mission of the Implementation Team is to coordinate and support these Climate Action Projects while inspiring a broader sense of momentum, pride, and sustained engagement in the Methow community at large.

Specifically, the Implementation Team has 5 Focus Areas: 


  1. Engagement and Communication: Promote opportunities for engaging in Climate Action Projects through community outreach and Resilient Methow educational forums. Share early successes and convey progress on the Climate Plan to the Methow community.  Build a drumbeat of enthusiasm for effective climate action.
  2. Legislation and Advocacy: Provide current information on relevant state and federal legislation to key stakeholders. Work with local townships to enact climate related legislation; share grant and clean energy job opportunities. Amplify the voice of the community in critical policy decisions.
  3. Networking and Partnerships: Support and coordinate networking efforts with local, regional and state partners and agencies.  Nest our local work in the broader framework of comprehensive climate action.
  4. Visual Tools: Produce visual tools and graphics to better communicate the scope, content, and urgency of the Climate Plan. Help to make climate action vivid, accessible, inspiring, and culturally relevant for the community.
  5. Evaluation & Metrics: Support the Climate Action Projects by helping them set goals, collect data, and evaluate performance of actions. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Climate Plan implementation to inform course corrections over time.